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Character Strengths

Research shows that 1 in 3 people are unable to pinpoint their strengths, yet strengths are associated with a lot of positive outcomes:

In a workplace:

  • In a study with over 10,000 workers, those who reported high awareness of strengths were 9.5 times more likely to psychologically flourish than employees with lower strength-awareness. Furthermore, those who reported high strength usage were 18 times more likely to flourish than workers who do not use their strengths
  • In another study with almost 20, 000, employees whose leader managed their underperformance through strengths increased their performance by over 30%, whereas those who were managed by weaknesses continued to underperform in the same period of time
  • In a study I have carried out with employees in healthcare industry, strength use at work was associated with more job satisfaction and experiencing passion for work.

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In education:

  • Strength awareness and use enhances students’ confidence, reduces their anxiety and boosts their well-being
  • Strength-based school programmes increase class cohesion, relatedness, decreased class friction, enhanced classroom engagement, helped students adjusting in school, and improves their grades.
  • According to a study I carried out with almost 3,000 students in post-primary schools, lack of awareness and lower use of character strengths is associated with bullying others and being a target of bullying in school. Therefore, helping children build on character strengths can potentially reduce bullying in school.

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