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We design training programmes that are based on the most up-to-date scientific findings. Therefore, what you and your team will learn, at our events, can give you a competitive advantage. Some of the science we use comes from our research, because we are actively involved in exploring the most optimal way of living our lives at home and work.

Having over 20 years of experience in delivering training events in corporate organisations, we make sure that our sessions are inspirational, interactive and engaging.


We provide both customised and ready-made training events. Here are some of the examples of our programmes:

Turning Stress into Positive Energy

For years, stress-management trainers preached about the negative impact of stress. Latest research is showing us that such a negative-bias makes people scared of stress and act in ways that are not helpful to them. On the other hand, helping people change their stress mindset from “stress is harmful” to “stress is helpful” can not only make them more effective at coping with stressful events, but also, decrease their anxiety and boost their well-being.

Based on the latest research, we have designed a 3-hr programme for turning employees stress into positive energy and evaluated it scientifically across 3 organisations, 845 employees. Our results have shown that post training, over 90% of employees had “stress is helpful” mindset allowing them to engage with their daily hassles, rather than bury their heads in the sand.

This programme is also available for you and your team. Please contact us for more details.


Well-being at work

All around us we hear about the benefits of well-being for individuals and organisations. They say that happy employees work harder, are more motivated, perform better and contribute more robustly to an organisation. However, research is also showing us that when we ask people to think more positively or create programmes to boost their happiness, their well-being drops. Unfortunately, many people who have created well-being programmes for organisations are not aware of it, which is why they design a series of interventions for people, which may actually be counter-productive for both individuals and the organisation.

This 3-hr programme is created with care to ensure that employees’ well-being is positively affected by a training event and indeed, enhances their wellbeing. We evaluate employees’ changes before and after to make sure that the programme does what it says on the tin.

If you wish to make it available for your team, please contact us today.


Resilience at work

There are many forms of resilience, which range from emotional, all the way through to cognitive types. Also, we have 13 longitudinal studies of resilience around the world that help us understand the myths around it and challenge our beliefs about it. In this interactive 3-hr event employees are introduced to some of the latest findings in this area and taught a simple technique that will help them become more effective at work. It is ideal to anyone who deals with negativity daily, or sales people who hear a lot of “No, thank you” every day.

This programme is evaluated for return on investment. In one organisation, three months post event, the market share of the organisation increased by 11%. According to the MD, 80% was due to employee’s new attitude towards sales.

If you are interested in introducing this programme to your team, please contact us.


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