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We provide you with not only an assessment of your team, but also an expert psychological evaluation of their results in the context of other organisations and evidence-based interventions on how to improve your workplace.



Even though we love people, training and coaching, we are psychology researchers at heart.  We have extensive experience in designing and carrying out research using both qualitative and quantitative methods.  Our research has been published in academic papers and their findings discussed in popular magazines and newspapers.  In addition to this, we supervise research conducted by our students studying for Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

We provide corporate organisations with detailed analysis of their team in relation various topics, for example:

  • well-being (multidimentional)
  • passion for work
  • mental toughness
  • resilience
  • emotional agility
  • motivation
  • coping
  • stress & burnout
  • engagement
  • goals
  • motivation
  • leadership
  • meaning at work
  • etc.

We design short, yet reliable and validated psychological surveys that provide us with a lot of very detailed information that can help you improve your workplace. This means that we may take barely 10 minutes of your employees’ time and this will result in a thorough 30-page report full of invaluable information about their state of mind, as well as actions you can take in the future to tap into your employees’ potential.

You can use this information when you want to:

  • assess your team’s wellness
  • embark on a change management project and do it right
  • identify the areas of team development
  • measure the psychological capital of your team
  • create a customised programme to develop your leaders

We provide you with a report that includes not only the main findings from the survey, but also our expert evaluation of these findings in the context of other research carried out in similar organisations. In addition to this, you will also be given a list of action points with some evidence-based interventions recommended specifically for your organisation.


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