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We have created Strength Cards to help us work with our clients on their Character Strengths. They are a wonderful prop to use during a coaching session, a training programme, in a school classroom and for individuals wanting to boost their character strength knowledge and use. Over the years, we have seen people buying the strength-card-sets for their loved ones for Christmas and birthdays. They look great, because they are presented beautifully in a stylish, orange, slightly sparkling, high quality, designer box.

There are 24 cards in the set. Each card is the same size as a postcard and is both, high-gloss and high-quality. In the front of the card, there is a picture that represents a strength, and in the back you will find a description of a strength to help you understand its meaning. Therefore, it describes the thinking and feeling, as well as behaviour and environment associated with the strength. Also, we offer two quotes that best illustrate each strength.


Here is an example of what the cards look like from the front and back:






When working with cards, we usually throw a set of cards (24 strengths) onto a table for a group of 3-5 people and ask them to pick the cards, read them and decide what character strength speaks more loudly to them. What behaviour best describes their behaviour. What strengths they are proud of. These simple challenges get us well started on the wonderful journey of strength discovery.


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